Benefits of Video Sewer Line Inspections in American Fork

video sewer line inspections american forkMany homeowners prefer scheduling video sewer line inspections in American Fork. This process consists of inserting a video camera into the line and using the resulting footage to spot debris buildup. You can usually ask your plumbing company to perform this service before drain and sewer cleaning or when there’s a problem with your plumbing. Keep these benefits in mind as you discuss options with your plumbing contractor

Protects Your Lawn

The traditional alternative to video sewer line inspections is digging a trench and cutting into the piping. This type of residential plumbing repair can result in a lot of lawn damage, often destroying grass, shrubs and even trees.

Doesn’t Disturb Neighbors

Removing stubborn clogs is no small task and often requires a lot of large equipment that can be loud for neighbors. Without video sewer line inspections, plumbers often have to guess at where the trouble is, which prolongs the repair process and possible disturbances to neighbors. Video footage, on the other hand, can help professionals pinpoint exactly where to work.

Requires Fewer Permits

A plumbing company can just start digging around in your lawn. In most cases, work like this requires obtaining permits from local government agencies. Because sewer line inspections help limit the amount of digging, most projects can be completed afterward without a permit. 

Provides More Information

These inspections provide a lot of information. Not only do they help the technician locate the clog, they often reveal what it’s composed of as well. Plumbing contractors also use this process to determine whether or not there is any damage to the line.

Interested in Video Sewer Line Inspections in American Fork?

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Video Sewer Line Inspections in American Fork

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